Our innovative pre-packed pouches, relevant to each ophthalmic procedure, help increase efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind.


Performance, reliability, and patient quality of care are always at the forefront of our approach.


Made of stainless steel, our fully recyclable instruments offer a sustainable eco-conscious procurement solution.

HASA OPTIX holds a genuine desire to empower all those involved in ophthalmic surgery – with precision performance, procurement reliability and patient quality of care always at the forefront of our approach.

We design and manufacture premium, single-use and fully recyclable ophthalmic instruments for both anterior and posterior segment surgeries.

Our expertise













Made of stainless steel, our exceptional precision instruments are supplied in recyclable pre-packed pouches relevant to each ophthalmic procedure. This not only ensures that all surgeons have peace of mind in regard to sterilization and reliability, but also provides a cost controlled, eco-conscious procurement and repository solution.

Our benefits

Premium quality

Premium quality disposable recyclable instruments offering the same constant quality as reusable instruments but with increased convenience and efficiency.

Cost control

HASA OPTIX instruments provide the ideal procurement solution by aiding the precise calculation of surgery costs.

Environmentally friendly

Supplied in recyclable pre-packed pouches relevant to each ophthalmic procedure, helping to reduce waste and environmental impact.


Our pre-packed pouches help reduce the number of SKUs, contributing towards a simpler, more efficient repository solution.

Peace of mind

Our innovative solution provides total peace of mind ensuring the correct surgical instrumentals are easily accessible.

Infection control

Our single use and pre-sterilized instruments ensure all surgeons can be confident with their patient safety of care.

We are passionate about eliminating cross contamination and reducing risk management whilst increasing efficiency, convenience and reliability. Our innovative solution provides total peace of mind, confidence and satisfaction.


Mrs. Masara Laginaf

Hasa optix offers a range of cataract instruments, including surgical sets and individual instruments. This reduces costs while increasing efficiency, ease of use and avoiding excessive waste.

Mr. Kim Son Lett

1st Consultant Ophthalmologist & Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon at BMI The Priory West Midlands, UK I was hugely impressed by the quality of these instruments. Had I not been told otherwise I would have assumed them to be reusable.

Dr. Pouya Alaghband MD(res), PGCert, FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Yorkshire Eye Specialists, UK HASA OPTIX tying forceps are finely manufactured. It has a nice grip and lovely finish. The tips of the forceps are designed in a way that enable immaculate grasp of suture thread. Overall great quality equipment.

Dr. Ossi Kaijanen

Ophthalmologist and eye surgeon specializing in cataract and eyelids surgery at Silmien Klinikka, Oulu Finland. With Hasa’s procedure packs we have brand new instruments for every surgery without any wear and tear marks. They reduce our workload and increase the clinic’s efficiency in many different ways.

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, MD

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology NYU at OCLI HASA OPTIX has basically increased the quality of care that I provide to my patients. My surgery is more pristine, the outcomes have improved. I feel more comfortable in the operating room, and this all translates to what we all really care about at the end of the day, and that is making a difference for our patients.

Prof. DR. Martin Dirisamer

AUgenklinik des klinikums der Universität München HASA OPTIX instruments provide a broad range of all kind of ophthalmic single use instruments in a reproducible top-quality for high-performance surgeons.

DR. Vincent Qin, MD, MBA, MPH, FEBO

Ophthalmology & Eye Surgery Consultant - CHIREC Hospital The cataract sets of HASA OPTIX are extremely efficient, effective and of the highest quality. Since using the HASA OPTIX Cataract Sets, I never have to worry about missing or broken instruments. I can fully perform cataract surgery in the best material conditions.

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Are HASA OPTIX’s instruments really single use?

Yes, all instruments available are single use.

Can I re-sterilize HASA OPTIX’s instruments?

No, it is prohibited to re-sterilize our instruments.

What are the main advantages of working with single use instruments?

Our instruments are of premium quality, single use and recyclable. They have the same look and feel as reusable instruments. The instruments come in customized sets, which allow the precise calculation of surgery costs and reduction of SKUs.

What are the value propositions?

With our instrument solutions, we provide a comprehensive range of benefits. These include cost reductions, minimized infection risks, reduced stress levels, uninterrupted surgeries, improved staff retention rates, streamlined inventory management (SKUs), and enhanced care quality. Additionally, our solutions ensure the availability of suitable instruments for every surgery, effective cost control, optimized operating room organization, heightened staff satisfaction, a positive work environment, sustainability practices, and favorable accreditation outcomes.

Where can I buy HASA OPTIX instruments?

Contact us at info@hasaoptix.com for more information on your nearest distributor.

How many instruments are there in a box?

Individual instruments are available in a box of 10 pieces. Customized sets are available in a box of 10 sets.

What are the instruments made of?

Stainless steel

Can single use equipment be used twice for the same patient?

It is prohibited to reuse and re-sterilize our instruments.

What is the shelf life of our instruments?

Un-opened boxes can be stored up-to 3 years before use, see the label for the expiry date.

Can I make my own instrument set?

Yes, all sets are customizable. Please contact us at info@hasaoptix.com for more information.