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Reliable, ergonomic and sustainable
Surgical Instruments


Designed in Belgium



About Us

HASA OPTIX is a Belgium based young and dynamic company that sources and develops medical devices used in ophthalmology. We offer high quality single-use devices with specific care about the planet resources.

To safeguard the future of our planet the company focuses on sustainability by delivering recyclable single-use instruments. Our job is to equip hospitals and medical professionals with precision-engineered instruments, facilitating their work and contributing to the patient’s well-being.

No matter where in the world you are based, our representative is close by.

We deliver to all corners of the world.

Our Mission

HASA OPTIX takes its responsibility towards nature and its affiliates seriously by developing sustainable solutions.

Surgeons know what they need: reliable, ergonomic and sustainable surgical instruments that best match their needs.

We want to help ophthalmic surgeons focus on their work by providing them with reliable and precise instruments. We envision a world where clinics can improve vision of as many patients as possible without compromising on quality.
Building on years of experience in the clinics and surgery rooms, Hasa Optix aims to become a reference point for Ophthalmic surgery professionals across the globe.

As a global company, sustainability is our top priority. We choose products that will last for long or will be recycled and reused.

Our Values

HASA OPTIX is a ISO 13485 and CE certified company with our medical devices being developed and tested by expert doctors and engineers in Belgium resulting in consistent and impeccable results. All our medical devices are eco-friendly with particular focus on sustaining the nature.

We value our customers and promise timely delivery with an efficient customer service to support your way towards a world with a better vision.
Surgeons and clinics need instruments that they can trust. All the proposed products will sit comfortably in the hands, eliminate fatigue in order to focus on what surgeons do best. We believe in safer, cost effective, performant and convenient instruments.