Our vision

Quality improvement and cost-savings are of great importance in healthcare, and especially in ophthalmic surgery. Hospitals, more than ever, must face the challenges of working profitably and obtaining optimum quality at the same time. In a changing world, we believe there are new ways that will allow us to facilitate work of all stakeholders involved in ophthalmic surgery, allowing a higher pharmacoeconomic value.

Our Mission

HASA OPTIX Belgium exists to develop the products that will offer all stakeholders involved in ophthalmic surgery (surgeons, nurses, hospitals and patients) sustainable solutions, contributing to a better cost-controlled work environment for an increased quality of care.

Our Values

Our History

In 2013, a Dutch eye surgeon and an English engineer were intrigued by the fact that all stakeholders implicated in ophthalmic surgery were unhappy with instrument surgical solutions provided at the time. Listening to all of them, they started from a blank page to bring an instrumental solution that would respond to the demands of the surgeons and other stakeholders. After dedicating three years to research and development, they founded HASA OPTIX Belgium in 2016.

Quality & Standard

At HASA OPTIX, we are committed to providing high-quality instruments for ophthalmic surgery that meet the firm standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the European Union’s Conformité Européene (CE) requirements. Our products undergo required testing to ensure they adhere to the highest levels of quality and safety.

By complying with ISO and CE regulations, we ensure that our customers receive reliable, safe, and effective instruments.

Our team is dedicated to maintaining our compliance with these standards to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

Our Team

Our Sustainability Initiatives

We are proud to pioneer the development of a comprehensive re-use circle, enabling the stainless steel used in our instruments to have a second life. Since the inception of HASA OPTIX, our founders have remained resolute in their commitment to exclusively utilizing stainless steel in the manufacturing of our instruments, driven by its exceptional recyclability properties. This deliberate choice not only sets us apart from our competitors in the single-use market but also serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication towards achieving our sustainability objectives.

To address the complexities of establishing a recycling system, we have adopted a step-by-step approach through the “HASA OPTIX Sustainable OR Management.”

Today we proudly take a step forward and start building our virtuous cycle, giving a second life to the metal our instruments are made of. We have decided to be the first company to create a fully integrated re-use cycle and recycled process.

Our Products are Climate Partner Certified

Driving Change: Localized Recycling Initiatives & Strategic Partnerships

In collaboration with client hospitals, local waste management companies, and our distributors, we are currently developing localized recycling testing projects. By introducing designated “green bins” in operating rooms, we demonstrate our ability to collect and recycle instruments, giving the raw materials a second life.                

Our overarching objective is to extend our support to hospitals, clinics, and surgical centers that demonstrate an interest in recycling their surgical instruments and, on a broader scale, managing their operating room waste responsibly. We aim to be a reliable partner in enabling these healthcare facilities to embrace sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future.

We aspire to foster collaboration with companies, associations, and individuals sharing our vision of effectively managing the waste generated by ophthalmic operating rooms worldwide. Together, we can work towards sustainable solutions and improve waste management practices in the field of ophthalmic surgery.