The Ophthalmologist (09.2023)


CRST (08.2023)

CRST: Evaluating the Benefits of Single-Use Ophthalmic Instrumentation

Prof. Dr. Dirisamer

Prof. Dirisamer berichtet über seine Erfahrugen mit Rayner und HASA OPTIX

Dr. McCabe

Dr. McCabe speaking about HASA at the #ASCRS 2023

Our instruments are ClimatePartner certified 

Selecting Sustainability

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld – Selecting Sustainability with HASA OPTIX

Quality & Precision

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld – Quality & Precision of HASA OPTIX


Dr. Eric Donnenfeld – Simplifying Ophthalmic Surgery with HASA OPTIX

Single-Use Instrument Excellence

Prof. Dirisamer and Eric T’Scharner on Single-Use Instrument Excellence

Not Just Another Surgical Instrument

Rayner Peer2Peer Podcast Part 1

Not Just Another Surgical Instrument

Rayner Peer2Peer Podcast Part 2

Insights from AECOS Summer 2023

Ms. Masara Laginaf

Ms. Laginaf shares her experience with HASA Optix premium instruments

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Vincent Qin

Exclusive Interview With Dr. Vincent Qin – Defective Instruments Would Be Found Once Or Twice A Day

Trends/Tendances (08.2023)

Des instruments chirurgicaux
jetables… et verts !

L’Echo (04.2023)

HASA OPTIX Belgium se lance a l’asssaut du marche americain

L’Echo (09.2022)

L’ophtalmologie attire l’oeil
des investisseurs


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